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Career Changers

Your job just doesn’t feel right, and you’re ready to make the next move. But how?

Isn’t being an adult supposed to feel more fun than this?

Maybe you’re worried you studied the wrong degree. Maybe you’re tired of just letting your life and career happen to you, instead of making things happen for you.


Maybe your work feels disappointing, unfulfilling, and meaningless, when you want it to feel exciting, fresh, and impactful.

I can help with that.

Do you find yourself feeling…  

  • Scared that your career so far has been a waste of time

  • Like there’s something else out there you’d enjoy more

  • Desperate to make your next move, but terrified it’ll be the wrong one

  • Overwhelmed by all the different career paths out there

  • Eager for change, but not the potential pay-cut that could come with it

  • Tired of spending hours searching the internet for the answers

  • Unsure of how to speak up for yourself and what you want

  • Sick of believing in everyone else more than you believe in yourself

  • Like you want to #followyourbliss, but you have no idea what your bliss is

When all you want is to feel... 

  • Clear and confident on your next career move

  • Connected with your intuition and your inner GPS

  • Driven, motivated, and full of purpose

  • Inspired by the job possibilities out there that you didn’t know existed

  • Free from the limiting thoughts holding you back

  • Like you’re killing it in a career that feels right

  • Total awareness of what drives you, what motivates you, and where your true interests lie

  • Equipped with the tools you need to lay the groundwork before setting the goal

  • Like you know who you truly are, and what you truly want?

Career Changers Packages

NOTE: Multiple session packages are designed to help you create momentum and change in your life. All sessions should be scheduled and held within the agreed time of purchase

Clarity and Action 

6 x coaching sessions over 8-12 weeks  (+ email support between sessions)


  • Get the accountability partner you need to make change happen

  • Form a deep understanding of the limiting patterns getting in your way and get the tools to overcome them

  • Gain a practical roadmap to help you get where you want to go.

  • Get help updating and polishing your CV and LinkedIn profile if required

Sustained Change

10 x coaching sessions over 4 months
(+ email support, regular resources and tips)


  • Great for when you need consistent support over a longer period

  • We’ll meet every other week, with a one-week ‘integration’ in-between 

  • Explore limiting patterns that are holding you back and get the tools to overcome them

  • You’ll get the time and space you need to integrate deep change into your life

  • Brush up your networking and interviewing skills

  • Get help updating and polishing your CV and LinkedIn profile

Group Coaching

9x weeks of group coaching + 1x private 60min session


  • We meet via zoom once a week for 90 min in a group, to learn new tools and get coaching.

  • 9 weeks of group coaching - and 1 private 60 minute coaching session midway through the programme.

  • You’ll be invited to be part of a private facebook group, where we have real time discussions, and trouble shoot whatever’s going on throughout the day. Providing accountability, community, encouragement, motivation, and real time learning.

  • You’ll receive weekly downloads to print out, so you’ll always have notes on what I teach

  • I provide videos for the time you’re in the programme, so you can go back and watch any lesson.

  • Bonus lessons as required

Image by NordWood Themes

No more feeling stuck in the same old patterns.

  • No more feelings of overwhelm and paralysis.

  • No more saying to yourself, “I can stick it out for just one more year.”

  • No more anxiety at the thought of starting all over again.

  • No more talking yourself into believing that this is all there is to life.

Sound good?
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