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Hear from some of the clients I’ve helped take from career woe to career ‘GO!’


Liz was great in helping me gain clarity and confidence during a period of my life when I was wanting to make some life changing decisions. Her non judgemental approach to listen teamed with her in-depth knowledge of life and career hack skills have been much appreciated in helping me step more confidently in a direction where I feel more fulfilled in my career and life choices.

Janelle, Mt Albert, Auckland, NZ


My daughter in Year 12 was struggling with subject choices and career ideas. She had been to the school careers guidance, pathways evenings but was still unclear as what tertiary education she wished to pursue. Liz offered to undertake 1:1 career guidance with her which proved incredibly worthwhile. Liz was able to work with her to determine what was important regarding values in a job and then refine the areas she was most interested in. Working with Liz on the process of work trials/experience proved invaluable. If anything in showing her what she didn't want to do and giving insight into the reality of occupations she assumed she would love. Liz offers a personalised service which I would recommend to anyone in need of career guidance and assistance, her patience, understanding and familiarity with teenagers makes the process very easy.

Lisa, Sandringham, Auckland, NZ


I had a very pleasurable experience with you throughout my career counselling, and it was clear that you were very educated on the opportunities that University and life had to offer. As a teenage girl, choosing my own path was extremely difficult and confusing, and although my high school did a good job at supplying me with information it was very valuable to speak to professional who could give me insight into the things I wasn’t informed about. Through your step by step plan I was able to deduct what career options were available to me based on my hobbies and interests, and what steps I could take over the next few years to solidify my education and push me into the direction I wanted to go in. I truly believe that your expertise and confidence in myself was one of the largest motivating factors into applying and entering Victoria University of Wellington and finding a course that suited my passions. I appreciate the time we spent together and the impact you have made on my life, and am wishing you the best in your new occupation.

Brigit, Glendowie, Auckland, NZ


Liz Barry is one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. She is an expert in her field and possesses phenomenal insight. When I was uncertain of the path to take after completing High School, Liz worked with me to create a clearer picture. She was extremely accommodating and was flexible enough to work within my available time. She was meticulous, driven and showed that she genuinely cared about my future.

By doing a full analysis of my strengths, passions and hobbies, Liz showed me a career path that changed my world. Liz worked with me to build a life plan that highlighted my long-term goals as well as the steps to achieve them. This plan then led on to successfully achieving a Prime Ministers Scholarship and then to attaining a job in my desired field of Project Management.

Along with a plan, Liz also gave me the inspiration and motivation to achieve it. I feel that if not for her flawless abilities in career consulting, I would not be where I am today, and my future would not look nearly as bright. I am truly thankful to Liz for her efforts and kindness, but most of all I am thankful that she believed in me. After my dealings with Liz I would fully recommend using her services to anybody and I believe that they would benefit greatly.

Josh, University of Auckland Engineering Student, NZ


Becoming a mother and a fresh graduate, I realized that I needed to invest in my career but I had no idea what pathway I wanted to head into. Liz supported me during this time where she was able to coach me in areas that I did not realize would make an impact in the hiring process. Her approach to interview preparation has really moulded and shaped my confidence in the way I answer questions as well as how I ‘sell’ myself to potential employers. Understanding and tailoring both my CV and cover letters to a specific job opportunity was a huge help including organizing my LinkedIn.

If it weren’t for Liz seeing potential that I didn't see in me and getting me to push myself outside of my comfort zone, I don’t think I would have reached this far in working towards my dream job. I have a lot to thank her for not just around the building of my career but for being there to tautoko me.  

Thank you so much Liz it really means a lot. I had lost a lot of confidence after having my baby and you really helped to restore that. I also really appreciated you staying in touch to see how my previous role was and me applying for this role at EDSW!The role I had applied for in December was a fixed term contract and just at the beginning of this month I have sealed a permanent role as a Student Academic Advisor - Pasifika.

Olivia, Balmoral, Auckland, NZ
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