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Mums Who Want More

Find the best possible you – for your kids, your spouse, your career, and your community.

You want to be the mum who has it all. But what does ‘it all’ even mean?

Being a mum is busy. Between kids in primary (elementary) or teens in high school, you spend most of your days feeling like a stressed, tired, burnt out taxi-driver. 


You want to support your other half, take care of your parents, and be there for your friends. But somewhere along the way, you started to lose yourself. You desperately want to reconnect, but have no idea where to start.

I can help with that.
Washing Hands
Image by Katie Emslie

Do you find yourself feeling…  

  • Stressed out, worn out, and at the bottom of your own priority list

  • Short & grumpy with your family, without really knowing why

  • Like there must be more to life than this

  • In a part-time job you don’t mind, but sure there must be something better out there

  • Anxious about what will happen when your kids stop needing you the way they do now

  • Like you’ve tried everything from counselling to naturopaths, but still can’t figure out why you’re feeling this way

  • On auto-pilot, trucking ahead and staying busy without really living for yourself

  • Like you want to #followyourbliss, but you have no idea what your bliss is

When all you want is to feel... 

  • Like your wellbeing and happiness are a top priority

  • The magic of rediscovering your discarded dreams

  • Fulfilled by work that’s personally meaningful to you

  • Like your self-limiting thoughts are melting away and replaced with positivity

  • Reconnected with the dimmed-out part of your spirit that’s just begging to be let out into the world

  • Armed with measurable steps to move towards a fulfilling life

Then I’ve got just the thing for you.
Image by Xavier Mouton Photographie
Working From Home

Mums Who Want More Packages

NOTE: Multiple session packages are designed to help you create momentum and change in your life. All sessions should be scheduled and held within three months of purchase

Clarity and Action 

6 x coaching sessions over 8-12 weeks  (+ email support between sessions)

  • Get the accountability partner you need to make change happen

  • Form a deep understanding of the limiting patterns getting in your way

  • Gain a practical roadmap to help you get where you want to go.

  • Explore limiting patterns that are holding you back and get the tools to overcome them. 

  • Get help updating and polishing your CV and LinkedIn profile if required

Sustained Change

10 x coaching sessions over 4 months
(+ email support, regular resources and tips)


  • Great for when you need consistent support over a longer period

  • We’ll meet every other week, with a one-week ‘integration’ in-between 

  • Explore limiting patterns that are holding you back and get the tools to overcome them

  • You’ll get the time and space you need to integrate deep change into your life.


For those wanting career clarity we will:

  • Brush up your networking and interviewing skills

  • Get help updating and polishing your CV and LinkedIn profile

Why work with me?

I’m a whole lot of things. Like a life and career coach, green thumb, and dress-up enthusiast, just to name a few. But above all else, I’m mum to four amazing kids; Alice (16), Grace (14), Jack (11) and Eva (8).

I’ve dealt with all the struggles that come with balancing your dreams with the wants and needs of the little people in your life. And in some ways, I’m still dealing with them! I’ve lived and breathed motherhood for 16 years now, and I still haven’t nailed it. I’m still learning, every single day.

For me, finding balance has been about prioritising myself, carving out rituals, and doing things that make me feel nourished (with a good dose of self-coaching thrown in for good measure). 

I know first-hand what so many women and mothers experience. And helping them through it with compassion and empathy is what gets me out of bed each day.

Well, that and the morning school run...
Child's Room

No more living for everyone but yourself.

  • No more feeling like life looks great on the outside, but is falling apart on the inside.

  • No more wondering where and how to find a meaningful career. 

  • No more feeling stressed out, burnt out, and at the bottom of your own priority list. 

  • No more sleepless nights worrying what life after kids looks like.

  • No more overwhelming sense of restless dissatisfaction.

Sound good?
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