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Hi! I’m Liz Barry. Outdoors-lover, mum of four, and
go-to life and career coach.

I help people like you find their bliss, so they can live the life and career they’ll love.

20 years ago, my life hit a crossroads. 

I’d worked hard at uni. I’d earned an alphabet after my name. I’d landed a job as a clinical researcher at Roche Pharmaceuticals. I thought I’d travel the world, earn bucket-loads of cash, and make my mum and dad proud.

But then the unthinkable happened.

My world was turned upside down, when both my parents lost their lives in a car accident. As the oldest of four, I stepped into the role of guiding my three younger brothers. And even through my own grief, I couldn’t help but notice. Something about being a mentor just felt… right. 


I launched headfirst into a journey of self-discovery, and soon realised what I’d known deep down all along. I was in the wrong job, did the wrong degrees, and that none of it ‘fit’ me. 


I made the (super-scary) decision to leave my job, and retrain in Career Development at AUT in Auckland, New Zealand. So I could help people like me create the life and career path that’s right for them.


Many years and four wonderful children later, I’m even more passionate about life and career coaching. I’ve built a practice that combines evidence-based models and research, with a big dollop of personal experience. 


It’s such a privilege to connect with people, understand their journey, and help them create a fulfilling and meaningful future.

So they can build the confidence and skills they need to step boldly into it.

The Life of Liz...

Today - Loving what I do. And that’s putting 20 years of learning, experience, and teaching into practice, with workshops, speaker engagements, and one-on-one life and career coaching sessions.


Graduated from the University of Otago with a Master of Science (Pharmacology) and Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)


Completed Career Development qualification at Auckland University of Technology (AUT)


Completed an Amanda Fleming Personal Development and Corporate Training apprenticeship (4 years)


Took up a long-held role as a career consultant at Career Dynamic


Began as a career consultant at the University of Auckland Career Services


Made the life-changing decision to leave my career in Clinical Research


First started my life-long career as a mum (my favourite role yet!)


Became a professional member of CDANZ (the Career Development Association of NZ)


Helped my husband start his business and grow it to 50 staff in 5 locations


Became a fully certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Enough of the professional stuff. Let’s get a little personal...

I dig the outdoors.

Whether it’s a three-day hike or a quick jaunt up a mountain, nothing makes me happier than being out in nature.


I love to dance

(and my kids love to tease me for it).

When lockdown finally ended, the first thing I did was enrol in hip hop classes. 10/10, would recommend.


I’m a BIG fan of playing dress-up.

Nothing says #followyourbliss quite like a costume party, am I right?

So that’s me! Now, let’s talk about you.

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