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Become Your Own Pathfinder: The Ultimate Career Change Course

A Guide to Navigating the Changing World of Work,
Starting with You

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You know you have potential in you, but you don’t know where to put it, how to grow it, or what it even is.

  • You just can’t find the energy or drive to care about work anymore.

  • You hear about ‘following your passion’, but you have no idea what yours is.

  • You feel desperate to take the right next step for you, but you don’t know where to start.

  • You feel scared that your career so far has been a waste of time.

You know it’s supposed to feel better than this. You know you deserve to have a career that makes you feel like you’re walking your path. You know you want more.

Here's the big secret: it doesn't have to feel that way!

You already have everything you need to find a career that fits. All you need to do is learn how to listen to your inner compass.

I know how it feels to look around at your life and ask yourself, “how on earth did I end up here?” I’ve worked to find my own path and made the leap, I know how scary it can feel, and I know how amazing it is to stick the landing.


To me, the most important part of finding a career that fits is doing the work of knowing yourself first. Your life and your career don’t happen separately, and career courses should reflect that. 

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Meet the 'Become Your Own Pathfinder' Course

An online course that focuses on self-knowledge, where you reconnect with your curiosities, gifts, personality and values. A course that hands you hard-won practical strategies to look inward, know yourself, and find the career that feels right. That teaches you to always know what the next step of your career is, even when the world is changing.

With seven video-based modules and a companion guidebook, Become Your Own Pathfinder: Soul Search is designed to reconnect you with your Essential Self, and let your Body Compass navigate you to the right career for you.


Become Your Own Pathfinder: Soul Search is set to release on June 23rd. You, me, and the Pathfinder community will go on a journey for three insightful months to get you on the right career path!

This course provides all the self-knowing techniques I take my clients through, because knowing what you want to do is the biggest piece of the puzzle.

Don’t buy into the lie that your career is supposed to make you feel unhappy, stressed, and like you're wasting your days.


It’s entirely possible to love your work, no matter how much society wants to convince us otherwise!


We’re going to dig through your life’s clues, clear away the uncertainty, and get you heading toward the right career for you.  


Even better, we’re going to turn you into the ultimate pathfinder. No matter how much the world of work may evolve, you’ll always know where you are on your path and where you’re going. This is your journey, your path, and I'm so excited to help you step onto it!

Once you're through Soul Search, you'll:
  • Know how to tap into your Body Compass to make those big career decisions with confidence.

  • Deeply understand your curiosities, gifts, values, and personality, and how to use this knowledge to find the ideal career.

  • Have practical strategies to find and test drive career options to see if they feel right for you.

  • Never be lost on your career path again.

Seven jam-packed modules.

Twenty years of experience at your disposal.

Three months with a community of support.

A first life-changing step...

$400/m for 3 months


Here's the syllabus

Become Your Own Pathfinder: Soul Search

  1. Module One: Introduction - Get to know me, the course, and how we'll be operating over the three months to come. This includes connecting with the community Facebook page and finding your own accountability buddy!

  2. Module Two: Taking Stock – We'll reflect on where you are right now and what matters most in your life and career using your body's natural ‘compass’, tuning it to find out what feels good.

  3. ModuleThree: Curiosity – Don’t start with passions, start with curiosities! We dig into what interests you, and where that can lead.

  4. Module Four: Gifting – Tap into your baked-in gifts, a.k.a. your strengths that come easiest and feel the best to you! Plus find out the skills you prefer to use, not just the ones you're good at.

  5. Module Five: Personality – Discover your inherent nature and decipher the career clues hidden in it.

  6. Module Six: Values – Go deep into yourself to discover what truly matters to you, so you can find fulfilling work.

  7. Module Seven: Wrap-Up - This is where we take all that knowledge you worked so hard to find and we mine it for tangible outcomes. Which jobs and industries suit your curiosities, skills, gifts, and values? How does your personality impact your ideal work environment? In short, we're creating your Pathfinder Profile, the ultimate shopping list to help you select your next step and communicate your value with ease.

+ Bonus Support to Keep You Going

  1. Bonus One: Session Zero – A starting email that kicks you off on your journey from the moment you hit ‘Buy Now’. This is full of some of my tried-and-true exercises that I whip out on Discovery calls with my coaching clients, and they’ll help you get started on your pathfinding with no delay.

  2. Bonus Two: The ‘Become Your Own Pathfinder’ Guidebook – A hefty guidebook packed with insights to help you along the course (and after you’re done!). This features your Pathfinder Profile, a document to gather all your insights and transform them into a career shopping list packed with self-knowledge.

  3. Bonus Three: Weekly Live Support – As we go along week to week, I’ll be hosting weekly sessions for the ‘Become Your Own Pathfinder’ community to support you as you walk your path! I don’t want to leave you high and dry, I want to support you all the way through this. Think of this as group coaching, with the additional framework of the Pathfinder course to guide our community sessions.

$400/m for 3 months for all seven modules + some incredible bonuses

The Details

Registration has now closed. Will open again 1st February 2024.  

Please email if you'd like to be notified when intake is open.  

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"I found coaching with Liz very positive and rewarding and would recommend that
others either at a crossroads in their work or life, or looking to optimize aspects of
their life would benefit from coaching with Liz!



"I feel like Liz worked out very quickly my general emotional state and that I
needed someone to gently nudge me along rather than being too direct or hard
with me. 

Taking the time and energy to focus on myself and my career is the best
investment I have ever made. I just loved my sessions with Liz and was genuinely sad when they were over, even though I was ready."

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"Well worth it. Time to focus on my career rather than just watching it unfold. Helped me get clear
on my direction.

I found it so helpful. I now know what is important to me and where I want to place my energy. You will more than get your money's worth. I'm really pleased that I made the investment!"


It's time to step onto your path.

No more career paralysis. No more talking yourself into "staying one more year". No more fear of new beginnings. No more feeling lost.

Let's find out where you're going and get you there, together.

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