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Become Your Own Pathfinder: The Ultimate Career Change Course

A Guide to Navigating the Changing World of Work,
Starting with You

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You know you have potential in you, but you don’t know where to put it, how to grow it, or what it even is.

  • You just can’t find the energy or drive to care about work anymore.

  • You hear about ‘following your passion’, but you have no idea what yours is.

  • You feel desperate to take the right next step for you, but you don’t know where to start.

  • You feel scared that your career so far has been a waste of time.

You know it’s supposed to feel better than this. You know you deserve to have a career that makes you feel like you’re walking your path. You know you want more.


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Become Your Own Pathfinder

The 90-day course designed to kick-start your career transformation.

High-touch, community-based, soul-first.

The most important part of finding a career that fits is doing the work of knowing yourself first. Your life and your career don’t happen separately, and your choice should reflect that.

Together, we'll search your soul for vital career ingredients, research the careers that call you, and get your value proposition in line (online, on paper, and in person).

Clarity first, strategy second.

If you're just looking for help with your CV,  cover letter and LinkedIn profile, then this isn't the course for you. We spend most of our time looking inward to learn more about who you are and what you need from your ideal career path.

There's a huge, gaping hole in the career navigation community. There are so many courses out there helping people who already know what they want to do...

But what if you feel lost?

What if you don't know which direction you want to go in?

What if you're worried that it's too late for a change?

 A great CV is no help if you're headed in the wrong direction for you. We'll get to CVs and interviews and sharpening your LinkedIn (which is still important) but something else comes first.

We take it all the way to your soul.

My goal is for you to walk away from this course with ultimate career clarity. No matter which step you take next, you can be confident it will be the best one, because you'll have soul-deep surety about what's right for you.

"I enrolled in the Pathfinder course seeking direction, feeling stuck and unhappy in my job. With new clarity from the Pathfinder course, I made the bold decision to quit without a backup plan, and just six weeks later, I secured a more aligned and fulfilling job. satisfying career. Thanks to Liz, waking up excited for work is now a reality and I could not be more grateful."


90 days of ass-kicking, career-making accountability with a coach and community that cares about your journey.

Don’t buy into the lie that your career is supposed to make you feel unhappy, stressed, and like you're wasting your days.


It’s entirely possible to love your work, no matter how much society wants to convince us otherwise!


We’re going to dig through your life’s clues, clear away the uncertainty, and get you heading toward the right career for you.  


Even better, we’re going to turn you into the ultimate pathfinder. No matter how much the world of work may evolve, you’ll always know where you are on your path and where you’re going. This is your journey, your path, and I'm so excited to help you step onto it!

Curious? Let's talk details.


My signature three-step framework that's transformed hundreds of career paths, with a community of support to back your every step.


Soul Search

Use introspection and deep soul work to discover your unique curiosities, gifts, values, and personality. This is what makes this course different. We spend MOST of our time here, exploring who you are and what you need from a career. This isn't about getting to the next bus-stop job; it's about finding a sustainable set of career skills and self-knowledge you can draw on for a lifetime.

90 days
12 modules
6 months of support
  • Explore what makes you unique with reflective exercises to dig into your soul.

  • Tap into your career intuition to use as a compass for tough choices on your journey.

  • Assemble a list of career ingredients to understand what you need for a fulfilling career path.

  • Condense your deepest insights into a 'Map' that ensures you'll never feel lost about what your next best step should be.



Claim your ideal career (and know it's the right pick). Use my tried-and-true career research techniques to get real, on-the-ground knowledge from others in the field.

  • Explore the career possibilities your ingredients are guiding you to with real, effective research techniques.

  • Do the leg work to form a long-lasting network with professionals in the spaces you're interested in.

  • Test your insights with high-touch experience in your possible fields, all while backed by a community of other Pathfinders.

  • Claim a career path (or more than one) that's right for you to explore right now, with full confidence.


Job Search

Know how to articulate your unique value proposition, no matter the situation. Get your positioning in line, create a game plan, and have the skills to adapt your marketing to any role you choose.

  • Craft a detailed, step-by-step game plan to step into your field.

  • Begin launching your new career path using highly-effective techniques that access the hidden job market.

  • Create long-term career sustainability with adaptable skills you can use forever.

  • Skyrocket your confidence with techniques to effortlessly communicate your value proposition to potential employers.

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 Liz’s support throughout has been amazing.  I learned that my gift is my ability to operate in a crisis and that I am a big-picture thinker.  Finding out my personality type and possible careers that fit me was the best part.  I now have more confidence in my ability to do something different with my career.

Most of us got jobs we would otherwise have not got had we not done Pathfinder.  This is the real measure of this programme’s success and others looking to do Become Your Own Pathfinder should be aware of these results.



With Liz’s  Pathfinder course I learned a lot about myself. Not only was it insightful as a future guide towards where I belonged in the career world it also opened avenues for self reflection, positivity and mind set capability.

Liz  has definitely found her career calling as a coach. Her course has been a turning point for me. It has been the leg up I needed while being supportive, inclusive and up to date. This is a must do course for those that need future direction questions answered by firstly helping you to know yourself. 

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I GOT A JOB!!! It was tough but I love it, I’m hoping this is the beginning of a worthwhile future.


Liz was amazing, when I joined I was lost. I did not know where I was headed. I felt I was working too much with no results. I was a very negative person. Fast forward 4 months, I’m in my dream position, have a positive mindset and my future is looking bright!


  • 16+ hours of group coaching - weekly calls for the first 90 days, then additional monthly calls for 3 more months.

  • Weekly module releases to keep you moving.

  • A massive guidebook jam-packed with self-paced exercises to help you explore your ideal career.

  • Exclusive access to a Facebook community of other Pathfinders.


The 'Standout Candidate' Bundle

$627 value, all yours, FREE

BONUS 1: The Ultimate CV Writing Guide

(valued at $207)

BONUS 2:The LinkedIn Honing Series

(valued at $197)


BONUS 3:The Interview Skills Primer

(valued at $223)



Limited registration opens on 1st February 2024.  Your career journey kicks off on 23rd February 2024.

Finally ready to embrace the career that's waiting for you?



just once



for three months


Featuring three essential self-paced exercises to get you started way ahead of our kick-off date.





"I feel like Liz worked out very quickly my general emotional state and that I
needed someone to gently nudge me along rather than being too direct or hard with me. 

Taking the time and energy to focus on myself and my career is the best
investment I have ever made. I just loved my sessions with Liz and was genuinely sad when they were over, even though I was ready."

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"I found coaching with Liz very positive and rewarding and would recommend that others either at a crossroads

in their work or life, or looking to optimize aspects of their life

would benefit from

coaching with Liz!"

Polly Websdel.jpeg


"Well worth it. Time to focus on my career rather than just watching it unfold. Helped me get clear
on my direction.

I found it so helpful. I now know what is important to me and where I want to place my energy. You will more than get your money's worth. I'm really pleased that I made the investment!"

  • Will this actually help me with my career change?
    By the end of the 6 months, if you do the work I suggest in the course, you will be well on your way to securing the ideal role for your deepest needs. You’ll understand the world of work, find areas that are in demand, and know how to access the hidden job market. I've walked hundreds of clients through this transition, and I know it can be scary. But what's even more scary is never making the change at all. With the support of myself and the other Pathfinders, you can absolutely see the change you want in six months, if you're ready to commit.
  • Once we finish Module 12, what happens for the rest of the three months?
    You’ll have access to me for the full six months, which is a lot. I’ll be coaching and supporting you through taking your next steps. We’ll get you out into the world, researching your career direction, and taking action on your next steps.
  • Can I really do this?
    100%! Making a career change is a hard thing, and it’s even more difficult doing it when you’re not sure what you want to do in the first place. This course will provide you with the self-knowledge, support, and accountability to find the right path for you.
  • How long is the program?
    This is a 90-day career transformation program designed to help you introspect, find an ideal career, and move toward securing the role. While the modules span 90 days, I offer a 6-month container of support so we - myself and the other Pathfinders on the journey with you - can be with you as you take your next big steps! This includes WEEKLY group coaching calls for the first 90 days, transitioning to monthly check-in and support calls for the subsequent three months. Plus, you'll enjoy 24/7 access to the ultra-supportive community Facebook group!
  • How do the live video calls work?
    The live monthly video calls occur once a week across the first 90 days, then we schedule once-a-month check-in sessions for three months once the course itself has run through. During each call, I’ll answer any questions you have from that week’s module and provide live coaching. Once we transition to monthly check-ins, I'll be supporting you through taking the next big steps in the path you've chosen for yourself. These calls are a really important part of the course so that you can be coached by me and get the most out of your investment. Don’t worry if you miss one of the calls, you’ll have access to the recordings once they’re done. Call Schedule - TBC upon registration
  • How big is the group going to be?
    That's all up to you! This is designed to be a group experience, with partnership and accountability buddies laying the groundwork for real growth and change. There are a limited number of spots available, though they may increase depending on demand, so make sure you get in there. This is meant to be a high-touch, intensive course where everyone gets a chance to shine.
  • How much time will it take?
    For the first 90 days, while you’re going through each module, your time commitment will work out to between four and five hours. This includes doing the exercises in the guidebook to help you dig down into the right path for you! Once those weeks are through, we’ll keep up the group coaching calls at a slower pace - once a month - giving everyone a chance to get out there and report back on how their next steps are going. That will run for a further three months, totaling six months of community-based support. In these calls, I may offer additional exercises, but it's up to you how much time you will dedicate to your results. The more you're able to invest in yourself, the better your career transformation journey can go, and I work with you to create time and offer as much flexibility as possible.
  • Does this course guarantee me a new job?
    This course is designed to put clarity first. Once you have clarity about what you want and how to go and get it, whether or not you get the new job is up to you. I can guarantee that I will give you all the tools my two decades in the business has to offer. From digging deep into what your deepest needs are to techniques for researching possible fields, all the way to positioning yourself in the best possible way as a candidate, we'll tackle it all. From there, dear Pathfinder, it's up to you.

It's time to step onto your path.

No more career paralysis. No more talking yourself into "staying one more year". No more fear of new beginnings. No more feeling lost.

Let's find out where you're going and get you there, together.

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