Career Newbies

A.K.A. uni students, new grads, and young professionals feeling totally lost on what to do next.

So you’ve finally got your degree. Now what?

Does it feel like everyone around you has it all figured out, and you’re the only one with no idea what you’re doing?


Or do you know where you want to go next, but don’t have a clue how to get there?

I can help with that.

When all you want is to feel... 

  • Unstuck & on track 

  • On the path to a career that’s so right, it almost feels wrong!

  • Totally aware of your unique career genius 

  • Filled with meaning and satisfaction 

  • In touch with your inner GPS & how to use it to find the life you want

  • Confident enough to set your career goals & smash them

  • Fully capable of leaving home & doing your own thing 

  • The magic of being in a job you love

  • Like you’ve finally got it together & are officially killing it?

Do you find yourself feeling…  

  • Anxious and overwhelmed?

  • Under pressure from parents, peers, and yourself?

  • Unsure whether you even did the right degree?!

  • Afraid to act on all your great ideas?

  • Stressed, stuck, and suffering from analysis paralysis?

  • Like you want to #followyourbliss, but you have no idea what your bliss is?

One-on-One Career Coaching

6 x one-to-one sessions over 3 months

  • We’ll work together one-on-one to get you unstuck and explore your future career 

  • We’ll meet either in person or on Zoom every 2-3 weeks

  • We’ll hash out your options and hatch a grand master plan

  • We’ll brush up your networking and interviewing skills and create an outreach plan

  • You’ll get help updating and polishing your CV and LinkedIn profile

  • We’ll explore all the possibilities and get crystal clear on what’s right for you

  • Most importantly, we’ll make an action plan that’ll get you catapulting towards a career you’ll love.

Investment: NZD$560

Career Newbie is right for you if... 

  • You’re ready and willing to do the work 

  • You want a clear roadmap for how to get where you want to go 

  • You don’t just want to grab the first option that comes your way

  • You don’t want to chase unrealistic dreams

  • You’re keen to check your blind spots and banish thoughts that are holding you back

  • You’re ready and committed to finding a career that’s right for you.

You might want to give Career Newbie a pass if... 

  • You only want help with your CV and LinkedIn (this comes later; clarity comes first)

  • You only want to fill in personality or career assessments (these sessions dig much deeper into your unique experiences and needs)

  • You’re not willing to talk about your feelings (the right career is just as much about emotion as it is logic). 

Image by Joanna Kosinska

No more feeling paralysed and overwhelmed.

  • No more procrastinating about looking for work.

  • No more worrying that mum and dad might disown you.

  • No more nights lying awake wondering what on earth you’re doing.

  • No more frustration, and no more feeling lost.

Sound good?

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