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Jul 17, 2023 - Sep 4, 2023

Become Your Own Pathfinder

  • 50Days
  • 7Steps


Become Your Own Pathfinder: The Ultimate Career Change Course A Guide to Navigating the Changing World of Work, Starting with You. An online course that focuses on self-knowledge, where you reconnect with your curiosities, gifts, personality and values. A course that hands you hard-won practical strategies to look inward, know yourself, and find the career that feels right. That teaches you to always know what the next step of your career is, even when the world is changing. With seven video-based modules and a companion guidebook, Become Your Own Pathfinder: Soul Search is designed to reconnect you with your Essential Self, and let your Body Compass navigate you to the right career for you. Become Your Own Pathfinder: Soul Search is set to release on June 23rd. You, me, and the Pathfinder community will go on a journey for three insightful months to get you on the right career path!

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